The founding team behind Kami computing brings decades of experience in the business of innovative entertainment technology. The team is committed to implementing a new paradigm in artificial intelligence, towards a human-like experience.

Guy de Beer, CEO

Guy de Beer is a seasoned entrepreneur and executive with over 20 years of experience in technology companies. de Beer was the founder and CEO of Playcast, the world’s largest cloud gaming platform [acquired by Electronic Arts]. Prior to Playcast, de Beer ran the Video on Demand product lines for Harmonic inc, that powers 80% of the global cable on-demand systems. Before that Mr. de Beer held various Product and Business Development executive positions with the MRV group of networking and optics companies. Guy de Beer holds an undergraduate degree in Media from Bar Ilan University, Israel, and a graduate degree in Philosophy of digital culture, from Tel Aviv University, where he researched Turing’s conceptual model for Artificial Intelligence.


David Levy, PhD, CTO

david headshot

David Levy is an AI luminary, Chess master [FIDA], Author and a Computing technology pioneer. Levy has developed the architecture of several generations of award winning Linguistics AI platforms, and is the two-time winner of the Loebner prize (“Conversational AI Olympics”). He is also the president of the International Computer Games Association, and was Chairman of the Rules and Arbitration Committee for the Kasparov vs Deep Blue chess match in 2003. David Levy is the author of 53 books on Artificial Intelligence and Chess. Among these books is the recognized textbook on Emotional attachment between humans and AI.